Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner Where do you get your VW drag buses? Last Updated 7/27/2015 We have purchased over 375,000 buses directly from Mattel.  These include promotional models for All Tune & Lube, Penske, & Jiffy Lube, as well as some “mistake” models and some CD-ROM packaged ones which were liquidated to us by Mattel.  Due to Mattel’s pricing structure, it made sense to purchase more quantities than were needed for promotional purposes.  For example, in some cases, fifty thousand buses cost nearly the same as thirty thousand of them.  Also, in the case of Penske Auto Centers, they closed their operations before they had opportunity to use two of the three versions produced.  We acquired these unused pieces at that time.  Additionally, we have purchased overstock from other sources, leftover quantities from various runs, such as the military and VW club releases, as well as more of the CD-ROM buses.  So, don’t worry, we have plenty of pieces to make our very limited high-quality custom runs for the next several years.