Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner What’s with the new VW bus windshield? Last Updated 7/13/2007 In our continual effort to improve the VW drag bus, we elected to make a new windshield.  Our new windshield is an improvement over the old one in regards to fit.  That is, it is flusher against the window openings for a cleaner look.  Also, we can now do different colors and coatings, rather than just being limited to the three colors the stock windshields came in.
The stock buses come with a windshield already installed in them.  Therefore, we have to uninstall them by removing the top of the post (rivet) that holds them in place.  We’re really careful about taking off only the minimum amount of the post (rivet) necessary to get the old windshield out, so that we can still us the remaining post to hold down the new one.  This is possible, even though the post is shorter, because our new windshield is thinner where it butts up against the underside of the roof.  This is why it appears as though the new windshield was installed originally.