Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner Table Corner Why are most of your very limited cars for Liberty Legion members only? Last Updated 7/13/2007 We created the Liberty Legion as a safe haven for true collectors.  It is a “restricted membership” club, designed to stop, or at least limit, the “gouging” that goes on by people trying to purchase our low-production pieces simply for resale.  Our goal is to try and get 1,000 cars into 1,000 collectors’ hands, NOT 1,000 cars into just a few hands.
If we were to allow anyone and everyone to order, then you can be assured that many people will get their friends and relatives to order for them, in effect creating “straw man” accounts, in order to circumvent the one-per-household limits, so that they can profit from acquiring multiple quantities.  Worse yet, they would sell out so quickly that your likelihood of getting them would be much slimmer than it already is.  Obviously, even under our existing rules, some of our customers resell theirs. (Usually, about 10% of the run is resold immediately.) Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine absolutely which members they are.  We can assure you that without our existing policy, it would be a lot worse than it is now.
Note that as we add new members, we verify their identity and address, and test them to determine if they are really a die-cast collector.  Once we have determined that they are not already a member and that they are truly a collector, then we will allow them to join the Legion.  Also, we only allow a limited number of new memberships per year.