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Available: December 8
Otter Pops Dairy Delivery $7.99
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  • Produced by Mattel for Otter Pops
  • Points: First= 1000 / Additional= 100 / Max= 5000
  • FREE SHIPPING!! (USA & Canada only)
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    Chill out with the Hot Wheels® Otter•Pops Dairy Delivery!!  This Delivery produced and decorated by Mattel® celebrates all of the beloved Otter•Pops Popstar characters:
        • Poncho Punch
        • Little Orphan Orange
        • Alexander the Grape
        • Louie-Bloo Raspberry
        • Strawberry Short Kook
        • Sir Isaac Lime

    With awesomely vivid graphics, this will make a refreshingly cool addition to any collection!

    Note: The Otter•Pops Dairy Delivery includes two packaging variations: left-facing and right-facing placement of the Dairy Delivery within the blister pack.  Variations are distributed randomly with purchase of the single Dairy Delivery or 5-pack.

    Click here to get all 5 popsicle cars
    click here to get all 5 popsicle cars including the two variations of the ’49 Merc and Dairy Delivery

    • 1,000 first car
    • 200 each additional car
    • 5,000 maximum

    Ships within 3 busniess days of purchase starting December 17th.

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